Reliable & Professional Pest Control Services In San Marcos, California

San Marcos, just a short walk from the beautiful California coast, is a great place for thriving businesses and stunning residential areas. Whether you enjoy the hot weather or the beachfront views, San Marcos is a location many are happy to call home. Unfortunately, pests also love living in our area (often in our homes and business buildings). The pest professionals at San Diego Pest & Termite are here to stop them. We are proud to serve the communities of San Diego with excellent customer service and a hard work ethic. For help with your pest problem, give us a call today.

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Home Pest Control In San Marcos, CA

Here at San Diego Pest & Termite, we have your back, no matter what pest problem you’re facing. We understand that your San Marcos home is no place for pests.

We offer several unique residential pest control plans that adapt to the seasons. Our services account for the fact that pest pressures change depending on the current season. If rodents are invading during winter or mosquitoes are biting during summer, we have the perfect pest solution for your San Marcos property.

Our General Pest Control program covers all of the most common pests in San Diego, including ants, spiders, stinging insects, gophers, rodents, scorpions, cockroaches, and more. Let us handle your pest infestation so you can focus on the more important parts of your life. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.

Flea & Tick Prevention Tips For San Marcos, CA Residents

Ticks and fleas are parasitic pests that can cause problems for San Marcos property owners. While professional pest control is always your best option for pest infestations, there are a few ways you can reduce how attractive your property is to fleas and ticks. To avoid attracting these parasitic pests to your property, try these 4 important tick and flea prevention tips:

  1. Cut thick brush and weeds away from your property.
  2. Remove leaf piles, stick piles, and other debris that may allow ticks to hide.
  3. Regularly inspect your pets for fleas and ticks. 
  4. Equip pets with vet-approved flea and tick collars.

Tick and flea infestations are nearly impossible to handle without professional help. However, when you partner with the trusted pest experts at San Diego Pest & Termite, you receive the effective protection of quality pest control. We offer comprehensive flea and tick management programs to eliminate current infestations and repel future invasions. Reach out to us today for help with your pest problem.

Commercial Pest Control In San Marcos, CA

Whether you want a current pest problem dealt with or would like to prevent future infestations, the licensed service professionals here at San Diego Pest & Termite Control want to help! We offer effective pest control services for San Marcos businesses, no matter what industry you’re in. Some of the services we offer business owners include: 

  • Ant, cockroach, and spider control.

  • The option of ongoing, one-time, or annual services to fit your individual needs.

  • Our pest-free guarantee. If pests return, so do we, at no additional charge!

  • Excellent customer service

Here at San Diego Pest & Termite, we understand the importance of proper pest control and management. Our certified pest technicians are willing to listen to the unique needs of your business and to apply pest treatments accordingly. If a pest-free business is what you’re after, San Diego Pest & Termite can deliver. Give us a call today to learn more about our commercial services.

Problems Spiders Cause In San Marcos, CA

Dealing with spiders in your San Marcos home or business is not a pleasant experience. These eight-legged freaks of nature have the habit of invading spaces where they don’t belong, and creating disturbances for you and your guests. What exactly are the problems spiders create for residential and commercial property owners?

  • Spiders leave behind unsightly webs. While these webs are usually found in high corners or doorways, they can make your property unappealing.

  • Spiders bite. Most spiders will hide from you sooner than bite you. However, spiders will bite when provoked, threatened, or defending their egg sacs. If your spider infestation consists of dangerous spiders, getting bitten poses serious health concerns.

  • Spiders are difficult to get rid of. Even if you eliminate a few spiders and knock down a couple of webs, spider infestations are almost impossible to remove from your property. Most spiders will choose to hide in areas that aren’t used frequently, which means you could have a large infestation without being aware of it.

Spider infestations should be left to the professionals at San Diego Pest & Termite. We have the skills, tools, and experience necessary to keep your San Marcos property free of spiders year-round. Consider contacting us today to schedule your free inspection.


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