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San Diego is known for its parks, beaches, and warm climate. While our warm weather is an enjoyable factor in our area, pests often take advantage of the hot, humid climate as much as we do. To protect your San Diego home or business from the threat of pests, trust the certified local pest control experts here at San Diego Pest & Termite for all of your pest control needs. Our pest control services are advanced, effective, and ensure pests stay away from your property year-round. Keep pests off your residential or commercial property with a little help from San Diego Pest & Termite. We are always ready to assist you with any pest problems that you're facing!

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Home Pest Control In San Diego, CA

There are many problems that pests such as rodents, wasps, ants, and cockroaches can create when they invade your San Diego home. Some of the issues they can cause in and around your residential property include:

  • Causing floods or house fires by chewing through pipes and wiring.

  • Destroying furniture, personal items, books, and clothing.

  • Damaging the structural components of your building.

  • Contaminating your food and water sources.

  • Spreading bacteria, pathogens, and parasites into your home.

The only way to ensure your home remains pest-free is with professional pest control services. Here at San Diego Pest & Termite, we offer a wide variety of residential pest control treatments and products to protect your property.

How Dangerous Are Wasps In San Diego, California?

The most common wasp species you will find here in San Diego are yellow jackets, paper wasps, and mud daubers. In most cases, a single wasp sting can be painful, but won’t leave you with any long-term effects. Yellow jackets are known for their aggressive nature, though most types of wasps will only sting if threatened. If wasps are nesting on your San Diego property, it’s important to contact professional wasp removal services, instead of attempting to remove them on your own. Many wasps will become aggressive when defending their nests, and will sting you if you are close enough to appear threatening. Severe allergic reactions may occur in some individuals, which is incredibly dangerous.

Commercial Pest Control Services In San Diego, California

Implementing continuous pest control services for your San Diego commercial property keeps your company protected from pests and the problems they cause. Invasive pests are capable of damaging your products and ruining your reputation, no matter what industry your business is in. Avoid the stress of pest infestations by partnering with the licensed pest technicians here at San Diego Pest & Termite. We make it our goal to provide your company with the most effective commercial pest control programs available. With our advanced service methods and protective foundation treatments, your San Diego, Califonia business will remain 100% pest-free.

Guide To Avoiding Argentine Ants In San Diego, CA

Argentine ants are small, invasive ants that are commonly found here in San Diego. These ants do not pose a significant health threat, but they have been known to crawl across dead animals, sewage, garbage, and other decaying matter while foraging, and may bring harmful bacteria onto your property. If Argentine ants invade your home, they could contaminate your food products. To avoid attracting Argentine ants to your San Diego property, keep the following ant prevention tips in mind:

  • Seal cracks and small openings around the exterior of your home.

  • Clean up food and drink spills immediately.

  • Seal your indoor and outdoor garbage bins properly.

  • Store your food items in the refrigerator or in airtight containers.

  • Reduce moisture around your home by emptying cans, flower pots, and kiddie pools.

  • Consider tightening loose pipes or faucets that are leaking and creating excess moisture in your home.

While prevention tips are helpful when it comes to avoiding invasive Argentine ants, these tips aren’t effective if ants or other pests are already nesting on your property. For effective pest control and prevention services, turn to the experts at San Diego Pest & Termite! We are always ready to listen and assist you with your pest control needs!


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