Ant & Spider Control

Two Common Pest Invaders, One Simple Treatment Plan!

When we see ants and spiders out in our yard, we don't usually give them much thought to when we see them here and there outdoors, but that all changes when they find their way inside! Once inside, these pests become especially problematic, getting into food items and creating unsightly webs in the corners of your home. Luckily, if you find yourself dealing with either of these pests, San Diego Pest & Termite can take care of both ants and spiders with the same treatment, providing a simple solution to both pest problems!

Our Ant & Spider Control Process

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Thorough Inspections

Here at San Diego Pest & Termite, our spider and ant control begins with a thorough inspection of your home and property. Once this initial inspection has been completed, we'll explain our recommended treatment plan to you.

Professional Treatments

We provide treatments for a wide variety of ant species, concentrating especially on rover and Argentine ants as those are the most common in our area. We also treat for general home-invading spiders as well as venomous spiders like the brown recluse and black widow spiders. Our treatment options include:

Bait - We will use bait in both interior and exterior locations around your property to create a barrier of pest protection around the perimeter of your home. This is our preferred treatment method for ant and spider control.

Combination of Liquid & Granular Treatments - Through the use of our liquid and granular treatments, we can set a wide barrier around the exterior of your home, protecting it from a wide range of pest pressures. In addition, our granular treatments are especially beneficial during the rainy season (from November to April) as they require moisture to release the active ingredient and won't be washed away by heavy rainfall.

After you've decided which of our treatments you'd like to proceed with on your property, we'll perform our initial service visit, ensuring that all of the existing ant and spiders problems that you're dealing with in your home and yard are resolved and setting the base for our ongoing service visits to ensure year-round ant and spider protection!

Follow-Up Services

Here at San Diego Pest & Termite, we strive to provide convenient pest control services to meet your scheduling needs. Our follow-up service visits can be performed both while you’re home or when you're away. If you're home during our follow-up visits, we’ll let you know where we will be treating and inform you when the work is complete.

Being Pest-Free Is Easy With San Diego Pest & Termite!

Keeping ants and spiders out of your home is easier than you think, that is when you partner with us! With our services, we can eliminate current ant and spider problems in your home as well as take measures to prevent future infestations. To set up a free inspection for your San Diego and Poway area home, contact San Diego Pest & Termite!


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